“Building your dream Harley-Davidson”.

-by Daniel Moore of Bowker Harley Davidson http://www.bowkermotorgroup.co.uk/harley-davidson

Sometimes your dream ride can’t be found ready-made in a showroom. But that’s not to say it can never exist.
Harley-Davidson began with two men and a visionary blueprint of an engine designed to fit into a bicycle. From these humble beginnings, it evolved into the most iconic motorcycle brand in the world, and a symbol of self-expression.

Build Your Own!
In that spirit, today’s Harley-Davidson customers can build their own bike from the ground up, ensuring that every detail, from the wheels to the engine components, is tailored to their preference. The process begins with fit, the essential aspect of building a bike that’s comfortable to ride. The suspension, seat, foot controls and handlebars are customised to suit your body type and requirements, meaning you can ride for miles on end without discomfort.

Next comes function. Are you riding solo or with a passenger? Are you luggage-heavy or travelling light? However you’re making your journey, you can tailor your bike to cater to your demands. Windshields, storage and backrests can all be specified to ensure your needs on the road never go overlooked.

Now that the practicalities are dealt with, you can begin to have a little fun. The style customisation options are endless, so you can create a motorcycle that is truly unique and expresses your character to perfection. Not only that, the process can be as fast or continuous as you like, and you have complete control over whether you leave it to your dealer or make the additions yourself.

The final step is performance. Whether you’re looking for plenty of horsepower or agility and athleticism, you can choose the exhaust, intake and stage kits that will make every ride unforgettable.

Personal Service
The sheer scale of options might seem a little daunting, which is why the Harley-Davidson consultants at your local dealer can give you a hand with getting started. You can talk to them about what you want and they’ll help you turn your dream bike into a thrilling, thundering reality.

Harley-Davidson releases new parts and accessories every year, so personalising your bike needn’t be a one-off process. Allow your motorcycle to constantly evolve with you by checking your dealer’s online parts and accessories store regularly and adding anything that takes your fancy. UK owners can log into the Bowker Harley-Davidson parts store to view the full range of items.

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