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Tips for Shipping Your Chopper  ”"

Shipping a motorcycle comes with its own unique challenges, especially when transporting a custom bike or chopper. Since no two custom bikes are the same, transporting a chopper requires expert care, experience and a thorough understanding of the transport process and the options available.

Many choppers have a longer frame and increased rake angle which can make it difficult for standard auto transport companies to accommodate chopper shipping. Skids and ties are the typical methods for securing a bike on a transport carrier, but the unique dimensions of a chopper can make these methods less than ideal.

Methods For Transporting A Chopper

There are three main methods for shipping a chopper, enclosed, open air and crated transport. It’s important to understand the difference between the options before choosing which method to go with. Here’s a basic rundown:

Enclosed shipping

Enclosed trailers are a great way to ship a chopper because your bike is protected from the elements, not to mention prying eyes, every step of the way. Enclosed transport offers a level of security that’s not provided by open air shipping.

Open air shipping

Open air transport is a cost effective solution to transporting a motorcycle. While it doesn’t offer the same sort of privacy and protection , it’s still a safe and affordable method for shipping a chopper.

Crated transport

Crated transport offers the most protection and security when shipping a chopper. Your chopper is individually crated before transport to provide complete security from the elements and other cargo being shipped. Your chopper is not removed from the crate until it arrives at its final destination.

Delivery Method When Shipping Your Chopper

Door to door shipping

When shipping a custom bike that you’ve invested considerable time and money into, it’s important to know that it gets to its final destination without any dings, dents or weather damage. With door-to-door transport, your chopper gets delivered directly to the location you specify, with no extra leg work on your part.

Terminal to terminal shipping

A more cost-effective shipping option, terminal to terminal shipping requires that you retrieve your chopper from a shipping terminal upon arrival. The extent to which this requires extra work on your part depends on how close you are to a shipping terminal.

In larger cities like New York or Los Angeles, there are typically more terminals than in less populated areas. Be sure to ask your auto transport company about the locations of their terminals. Sometimes opting for terminal to terminal transport can offer significant savings at very little time and cost to the owner.

Insurance For Your Chopper During Transport

An important consideration when transporting a high value auto is the level of insurance coverage during transit. While every auto transport company offers insurance as part of their service, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the coverage levels.

If you’re concerned that the insurance offered by an auto transport company is not sufficient to protect your chopper, most companies will offer additional coverage at a reasonable cost. Before purchasing any extra coverage though, be sure to check with your existing insurance plan to see if they cover your chopper while it’s being shipped.

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