Upgrade to a Premium Ad

What’s the difference between Standard & Premium listing?

Standard Listing (Free Basic Entry)

Standard Listing

  • Black & White
  • No photo
  • Ordered alphabetically

Premium Listing

Premium Listing

  • Bold & red
  • Photograph allowed
  • Priority placement at top of list
  • £90 (inc VAT) for 12 months

How to apply

Any motorcycling business or organization may upgrade their existing free entry.

For just £90 per year (inclusive of VAT), you may enjoy a higher profile:

  • Highlighted Entry
  • Photograph
  • Priority Positioning

Please send a colour photo (JPG or other suitable) via email to info@bikersadvice.com.

At the same time please forward a cheque for £90 payable to “Roadchart Ltd” and sent to:


PO Box 314


Lancs BB4 0DS

Please include a reference to your business name in both the email and on the cheque.

For Business & Management Advice visit: www.yourbusinessline.com.

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